Opportunities to support iNSIDEoUT:

Donations:: Any donations are 125% appreciated. We use your generous donations to fund our retreats, replenish our organizing supplies, and impact the lives of more and more youth in North Carolina. You can donate here (link to donate for good) or send a check by mail. Checks should be written to iNSIDEoUT 180 at P.O. Box 25429 Durham, NC 27702.

Outside In 180: Join our 501(c)3 Outside In,that backs iNSIDEoUT by helping out with fundraising, budgeting, policy development, and legal support to sustain our liberation efforts. 

Fundraising Team: Join our fundraising team to help us articulate and implement our fundraising goals for the year, including organizing events such as Adult Queer Prom. Our event that provided a safe space for queer adults that brought in nearly $7,000 for iNSIDEoUT youth. 

Drivers: Help drive youth to and from our events. 

Event Volunteers: Volunteer for a one-time event such as tabling at Pride or our Adult Ally Brunch, or chaperoning Queer Prom.

Behind-the-Scenes Volunteers: Volunteer behind the scenes to help with calling other allies, writing thank you notes, maintaining our databases and more!

Provide professional support according to your skills and expertise. Needed skills include: website and database development, mental health support, financial assistance, legal advice, graphic design, etc.

Spread the Word: Please put us in touch with other supportive adults you know. Add them to our mailing list here.

Last but not least, support the youth in your life. Encourage them to be themselves, to express themselves, to learn about themselves, and by extension, change the world!

If any of these sound like you, fill out this form and tell us which ways you would like to get involved!

iNSIDEoUT is backed by Outside In 180, a 501(c)3. All donations are tax-deductible.