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Are you creative? Do you like to draw? Are you a monarch with your words? Complete the form for submissions here. All of the instructions are there for how to submit your work! Let us know if you have any questions. All abilities are welcome! And if you’re shy, you can always remain anonymous.

Please submit all visual art as .jpg or .tiff, at 300 dpi or greater.

Submissions are due February 24, 2019.

About Backwords
Backwords is the official zine of iNSIDEoUT. It showcases poetry, prose and visual art by LGBTIQ youth and allies from across the Triangle. Many featured pieces deal with the issues surrounding sexuality and gender, but submissions are not limited to those themes. Young artists and writers of all ability levels are encouraged to submit their works. In addition to our website, print copies of Backwords are distributed each Spring to North Carolina schools, libraries, coffee shops and anywhere else you want. Backwords is archived at University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill Libraries and the Durham Public Library.

Featured Submissions

Fighting To Be Seen As Me
By Wolf

My body is a foreign object
that does not belong to me
I want to break free
from this foreign object
but I can’t…

Backwords History
The zine was one of iNSIDEoUT’s earliest projects and has become an annual staple. The first issue of Backwords went to press in the spring of 2007 and was a collaborative effort between the iNSIDEoUT youth board and the editors of UNC Chapel Hill’s LGBT student publication, LAMBDA. Over it’s nearly decade long existence, Backwords has obtained sponsorship from local ACLU and PFLAG chapters as well as other nonprofits and businesses in the Triangle.

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