Annnd, we’re back!

Hangout and Upsidedown Resume Saturday, August 26
Email insideoutamy[@] for location details.

Hangout, ages 13+, 3-5pm
Join us to hang out and socialize with other teens. Insideout Hangout is an informal space where teens gather to meet other out and allied teens. There will be snacks, good people, and fun things to do.

Upsidedown, ages 12 and under, 1-3pm
Upsidedown is for youth 12 and under. Some fun things we’ve done: baking cookies and french fries, walked to the LGBTQ Center, Frankie’s Fun Park, camping, time capsule, spray painting, political activism and more.

Upsidedown and Hangout will happen almost every other week.
Hangout 3-5pm, Upsidedown 1-3pm
Aug 26
Sept 23
Oct 14
Oct 28 (Queernival!)
Nov 11
Dec 9