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Fall Plans

We are back from our Board retreat and ready to rock and roll (scroll down).

board retreat 2017

Here are some of our plans:
Contact insideoutamy[@] for location details.

Senate Meetings: September 16 from 5-6pm and September 30 at Night at the Lock-In

The Senate is another organizing group made up of members from local GSAs and QSAs. All youth are welcome at Senate meetings, even if you don’t have a QSA, aren’t in school, or have never been before. More info: here.

Liberate Pride NC Lock-In
September 30, 8PM – October 1, 8AM
There will be movies, video games, board games, pizza and a maybe a chance to win a cash prize for your GSA/QSA.
(P.S. We’ll also have our second Senate meeting at the lock-in so bring your friends and your school.)
This event is for any youth age 19 or younger, and requires parental permission. The event will be in Durham, specific location details sent to registered participants. Register here. Parental Release Forms here: 18+ / Under 18.

Hangout, 3-5pm
September 23 (Topic: RESISTANCE)
October 14
November 11
December 9 (Topic: Ice Cream Social)
Join us to hang out and socialize with other teens. iNSIDEoUT Hangout is an informal space where teens gather to meet other out and allied teens. There will be snacks, good people, and fun things to do.

And Queernival 2017!
October 28, 12-5pm
304 E. Trinity Ave. Durham
More info here.

Hangout and Upsidedown Kickoff September 23


We have resumed Hangout 2nd and 4th Saturdays of the month from 3-5pm. Join us! All youth are welcome. Future Hangouts: Sept 23, Oct 14, (Oct 28 is Queernival!), Nov 11, and Dec 9. We will not hang out on September 9th because that week we will be away at our board retreat. But we hope to see you September 23 for the next Hangout. Email insideoutamy[@] for location details.


Upsidedown is having a Kickoff on September 23 from 12-2pm! Take this 3-minute survey to let us know what you want the kick-off to be like! We may go bowling, hiking, picnicing, or to Chucky Cheese! Upsidedown is for all youth 12 and younger. Let us know what you want to do here.

Annnd, we’re back!

Hangout and Upsidedown Resume Saturday, August 26
Email insideoutamy[@] for location details.

Hangout, ages 13+, 3-5pm
Join us to hang out and socialize with other teens. Insideout Hangout is an informal space where teens gather to meet other out and allied teens. There will be snacks, good people, and fun things to do.

Upsidedown, ages 12 and under, 1-3pm
Upsidedown is for youth 12 and under. Some fun things we’ve done: baking cookies and french fries, walked to the LGBTQ Center, Frankie’s Fun Park, camping, time capsule, spray painting, political activism and more.

Upsidedown and Hangout will happen almost every other week.
Hangout 3-5pm, Upsidedown 1-3pm
Aug 26
Sept 23
Oct 14
Oct 28 (Queernival!)
Nov 11
Dec 9

See you in August!

Banquet was amazing! Thank you for helping us raise over $5000!
It’s never too late to donate. You can use this link:

We are off for the summer, but we’ll see you in August.

Please contact us if you are an adult who wants to get involved.



Thank you for your support in 2016. We are moving into 2017 feeling powerful!

We have big plans. Here are a few:

Insideout will be meeting regularly every other Sunday in Durham, beginning January 8, from 4-6pm. Upsidedown, our group for youth 12 and younger, will meet before that, from 2-4pm. Join us! Hang out, meet new people, be fully yourself, and change the world. All are welcome! The complete Hangout calendar is here.

iNSIDEoUT’s Fabufest is an annual overnight retreat for queer and allied youth. It will be from Friday, February 24 at 7pm until Saturday night, February 25 at 9pm. We’ll have workshops about activism, solidarity, knowing your rights and how to be safe and powerful fighting back in this political climate. The event is FREE and all youth ages 13-19 are welcome. Younger youth are invited to join us Saturday afternoon for lunch and an activity, from 12-4pm.

Prom and Gaiety, etc.
We’ll have more events in the Spring, too, such as Queer Prom (May 20) and our Youth Awards Banquet and Gaiety (May 27). Mark your calendars! We’ll also be creating Backwords, our annual zine, and planning Queernival, a Southern Celebration of Youth Liberation. Get in touch and come to Hangout if you want to help! See you soon!

And as usual, we will continue to organize young people, provide space, and advance the needs and priorities of queer youth in our community in a comprehensive, holistic and intersectional way.

Adult financial support makes it possible. You can donate below, and read our December fundraising appeal from a parent of a trans child here. It is never too late to contribute. Thank you!