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Donate now or become a sustainer through Network for Good. Sustainers receive a free gift, a pin or bumper sticker for sustaining at any level, or a “THIS IS GAY” t-shirt for sustaining at $15/month or more. Come to any Insideout event to say hello and pick up your free sustainer gift.



Or, you may mail a check made out to “Insideout” to:
P.O. Box 25429
Durham, NC 27702

Or, if you’d prefer to give through Paypal, use this link:

A recurring donation through Network for Good is the best way to support us financially.

iNSIDEoUT is backed by Outside In, a 501(c)3. All donations are tax-deductible.

Click here to learn more about our current donors and other forms of continued support!

Register as an Adult/Business Ally
We look forward to getting to know our adult allies better! To become pals, friends, or more, please donate the amount you desire, and then register as an adult ally here or business sponsor here.

Giving Levels for Adult Allies

$3 Pal
Provides project/art supplies.

$9 Friend
Provides travel to or from an event.

$18 Close Friend
Provides snacks for one event.

$50 Family
Provides snacks and supplies for one event.

$100 Close Family
Provides printing costs for 200 issues of our annual literary zine, Backwords.

$180 Revolutionary
Provides funds for an activist project or action.

$500 Rad Revolutionary
Provides postage and printing for our Banquet invitations.

$1000+ (for 3 years or more) Gold Star
Provides food and shelter for an overnight retreat.

Sponsorship Opportunities for Businesses and Organizations
Businesses and organizations can also become Gold Star Donors, or Sponsor a particular event. They may also partner with iNSIDEoUT in a number of ways, such as offering physical space or food for our events. Please email insideoutamy[@] to contribute. Our events typically draw dozens of youth from across the Triangle, so hosting us is a great way to attract new patrons.

Businesses and organizations can make donations through our website or by mail (see above).