iNSIDEoUT is a network of Gay-/Queer-Straight Alliances, and other youth and youth-run groups. Here you can find information and support for your GSA/QSA, connect with other GSAs/QSAs, and learn more about the iNSIDEoUT Senate.


Register Your Group
Use this link to register your GSA, QSA, or other youth-run, queer-positive group. After you register, we will come visit you, and you can become a part of the iNSIDEoUT Senate!

Here you will find handouts and ideas for your GSA/QSA, sample letters to administrators, resources for starting a GSA/QSA, and more.

On our Senate page, you will find information about all of the groups that are part of the iNSIDEoUT Senate. We want the Senate to include 2-3 people from every school or GSA/QSA. These representatives share the needs of their school, and also bring information from iNSIDEoUT to their GSA/QSA. The Senate is not just for GSAs/QSAs, but all like-minded, youth-run groups in the Triangle and beyond. We hope to unite all like-minded groups so that we can pursue our collective agenda together.