Our Support

We are so grateful for the support we have received, without which we would not be.

Business/Organization Partners
Individual Donors

Three churches have provided space for almost all of iNSIDEoUT’s events, from 2005 to the present. They are Calvary United Methodist Church, Umstead Park United Church of Christ, and Pilgrim United Church of Christ. We are so appreciative of these congregations for opening their spaces to us for overnights, workshops, parties, and more.

Business/Organization Partners
We are also grateful to the following organizations:
The Bar
Total Engagement Consulting by Kimmer
Youth Organizing Institute
The NC Queer Youth Power Coalition
Pauli Murray Project
Equality NC
Time Out Youth
PFLAG Triangle (Parents and Friends of Lesbians and Gays)
LGBT Center of Raleigh
and all GSAs/QSAs

Please contact us if you’d like to be listed as an iNSIDEoUT Partner.

Individual Donors
iNSIDEoUT is funded almost exclusively by individual donations from generous people like you.

Thank you to our newest sustainers!
Robert Hollister
Michelle Topal and Change for Living Counseling PLLC

Thank you to our contributors for Banquet 2016!
Sue Crook
Ted Mayer
Alan Troxler
Pilgrim United Church of Christ
Laura Wenzel
Siman Florence
Meg Goodhand
Hinda Lind
Mary Lee and Herman Glaser
Roger Kaplan
Sabine Shoenbach
Burt Rauch
Noah Rubin-Blose
Rebecca Welper
Luke Hirst
Ed Swan
Rachel Robbins

Thank you to our long-term donors, sustainers, and other essential adult allies!
Robert Hollister
Riki Friedman
Margaret Chesson
Margaret Donelly
Gail Freeman
Jon Gerler
Mary Lee and Herman Glaser
Galia Goodman
Sam Hummel
David Jolly
Stan Kimer
Barbara Lau
Hinda Lind
Burt and Renee Rauch
Chris Wimberley
Steve Schewell
Ray and Laura Glaser
Sarah and Brian Phillips
Vito Di Bona
Ariana Vigil

Fall 2015 Fundraising Campaign Contributors:
The Root Cellar
Durham Co-op Market
The Pinhook
International Delights
Pilgrim United Church of Christ
UU Congregation of Hillsborough
Joe Van Gogh
Anne Lutes
Robert Hollister
Renee and Burt Rauch
Bess Sadler
Florence Siman
Tonda Taylor
Katharine Therber
Laura Wenzel
Dale Wolf
Jamie Jennings
Danny Glaser
Michelle Garst
Rebecca Fontaine
Vito Di Bona
Nick Buchser
Jerise Fogel
Lory Mills
Patricia Kabashi

Fall 2014 Fundraising Campaign Contributors:
Michelle Garst
Lisa Joyner
Tobi Lippin
Bryan Perlmutter
Fiona Barnett
Elena Everett
Pavithra Vasudevan
Snehal Patel
Akeliah Robinson
Charlotte Kahn
Carly Campbell
Lyn Ofrane
Josh Ofrane
Dane Summers
Amy Stern
Alex Maness
Lee Welper
Riki Friedman
Leslie Tobin
Laura Wenzel
Kathryn Fawcett
Derek J. Coulson
Nina Long
Q Wideman
Carrie Hart
Jason Wang
Robert Rehm
Nolwenn Renault
M Isabelle Bunch

iNSIDEoUT is backed by Outside In 180, a 501(c)3. All donations are tax-deductible.