Our Voice

Kids are weird. Why are we important? We grow up with the understanding that age determines wisdom, and undervalue the innocence and creativity that comes with young age. As teenagers we transition from our “naive” minds into struggling “who am I…mehh” identity-crisis individuals and start being placed into our designated spots in society; however, iNSIDEoUT is one of many organizations that values our voices and teaches us that we can do whatever we set our mind to.

We are told that we can’t change our environment, but in fact we have the power to shape our community. We are looking to make our world a better place.

Societal problems have a huge impact on the quality of life of youths, so alienating them from serious discussions on society doesn’t make sense. We deserve to share our opinions because this is the world we live in too.

This is the time in our life where we still are gaining knowledge and forming opinions, so it’s important that we listen to others and speak our opinions at the same time. In iNSIDEoUT, we develop leadership and communication skills that we would otherwise receive much later in life (or never), and thus it opens our minds to new possibilities. We have thoughts and opinions that need to be heard, and we don’t have to wait to share them.

iNSIDEoUT has multiple ways to get involved, and to help us learn that we are important. Politically, we can partake in social activism, and change the world through justice. Socially, we can organize events where we can meet more people, build connections, and establish a safe and fun atmosphere. Together, we can share and grow in our mindsets, and learn from new experiences, as well as the experiences of others. Every year changes depending on who is involved, and what goals they have in mind. This is where our ideas come in- we have the power to set whatever goals we want to, and have them accomplished.

This is Our Voice- it’s reflected in the choices we make, the goals we reach for, the people we meet, and our achievements.

What do you want to see happen this year?

Summer Board Retreat 2011 from iNSIDEoUT on Vimeo.